ATTWN_ArtDon’t miss the chance to see this classic murder mystery written by one of the true masters of the mystery genre!

And Then There Were None remains the best selling mystery story of all time because of its timeless characters and thrilling story line.  10 guests on an isolated island…all invited to a dinner party which soon turns into a mysterious evening filled with murder and suspicion.

Falcon has assembled an amazing cast for this producter actors from all around the Greater Cincinnati theater scene.  You won’t want to miss this show!  Click the Purchase Tickets button to the right or visit our Tickets and Info page for more details.

Rogers – Ted J. Weil
Mrs. Rogers – Julie Pergram
Fred Narracott – Mark Bowen
Vera Claythorne – Kate Glasheen
Philip Lombard – Dan Doerger
Anthony Marston – Hunter Henrickson
William Blore – Mike Dennis
General MacKenzie – Robert Allen
Emily Brent – Tracy M. Schoster
Sir Lawrence Wargrave – Jim Stump
Dr. Armstrong – Matt Dentino

Directed by Jared D. Doren