HIVoices® is a unique, theatrical experience that has been developed as a collaborative effort between Falcon Theatre, the Northern Kentucky Health Department, the Cincinnati Health Network, and AIDS Volunteers of Northern Kentucky.

HIVoices® explores the human experience of living with HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). Developed from true stories, HIVoices® began as a series of personal monologues and now a play by Holly Sauerbrunn in which a young man recently diagnosed as HIV positive attends a support group for those living with HIV. As he listens to the group members tell their stories about living with HIV, he begins to see that he is not his diagnosis and having HIV need not define his life.

Both the monologues and the play shed light on the triumphs and tensions that exist for individuals as they navigate their medical and service provider experience, personal relationships with loved ones, and society in general. These stories represent the transformative, emotional life experience that occurs as those living with HIV integrate the disease into their lives. Each story is as special, personal and individual as the life it represents. 

HIVoices® is a vehicle to bring awareness of the impact of HIV to audiences everywhere, and has been presented at the National Ryan White Conference on HIV Care and Treatment and at the 34th National Conference on Social Work and HIV/AIDS .

The spoken introduction to the HIVoices® program captures the essence and passion of the work.
Read it here:  HIVoices intro

World AIDS Day Reading
World AIDS Day Reading

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“HIVoices shares stories of those impacted by HIV”

Audience Comments:

“What a wonderful production – I was sincerely impressed with all aspects of it.  This is a great way of educating people on so many levels through combining facts and information with the telling of stories that take you through a full range of emotions.  The stories are heartwarming and compelling and the actors are very talented, playing multiple people.”  
Lynne M. Saddler, MD, MPH
District Director of Health, Northern Kentucky Health Department

“What a great way to inform people that not only are individuals dealing with their diagnosis but they also have to deal with stigma and everyday life situations.”
Carlos Lopez, Case Manager, Northern Kentucky Health Department

“Giving voice and telling these stories is so important.”
Mark J. Hillenbrand, MSW, LISW

“What a powerful project HIVoices is!  Thanks to you and Falcon Theatre for meaningful community outreach.”
Roberta Schultz

“It seems important to listen to these stories and be more aware.”
Aspen Stein, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

“I really admire the mission of this project, and your dedication to education and outreach. I think the work that you and Falcon Theater are doing is extremely important, and I hope that you are able to continue to grow and evolve HIVoices and leave a lasting impact on our community.”
Abigail Karr, Miami University, Oxford, Oh.

Past Appearances:

  • National Conference on Social Works HIV/AIDS
  • Ryan White Conference
  • Cincinnati Health Network
  • Campbell Country Public Library
  • University of Cincinnati Medical Center – Infectious Disease Clinic Staff
  • Miami University, Oxford, OH
  • Kentucky Public Health Association