Fourth Wall

An imaginary wall (as at the opening of a modern stage) that keeps the performers from recognizing or directly addressing their audience.  The first known use of “fourth wall” was 1807.  Breaking the fourth wall happens when the plot of a story calls for some event to take place that shatters the barrier between the fictional world of the story and the “real world” of the audience watching the story.

Falcon Theatre introduced our Fourth Wall initiative in 2005 as a way of “shattering the barrier” between audience and actor.  Fourth Wall allows Falcon to go beyond our main-stage offerings and share more theatre with our audience by producing productions that might not otherwise have an opportunity to be seen.

A Fourth Wall production can feature a new director, an original script or work in progress, an artist’s personal project, a staged reading, a benefit for another organization or any number of other types of performances that don’t fit within our main-stage season.  Over the past few years, Fourth Wall productions have become a great addition to our season and we hope you’ll come join us as we continue to “break” the fourth wall.

History of Fourth Wall:

2005  Keely & Du
2006  Dinner With Friends
2006  The Guys
2008  Art
2009  The Vagina Monologues
2010  Down The Road
2011  Fully Committed
2011  The Last Five Years
2013  Don’t Cross The Streams – A Hugo West Production
2014  The Story of My Life
2017  Tally’s Folly