Jay Benson in It’s A Wonderful Life

Tickets are on sale now and going fast for our holiday classic, erectile It’s A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Drama.

Performing this classic story as a radio drama gives us a wonderful opportunity to present you with an insider’s look into the amazing world of live radio. Radio dramas in the 1940s were performed in front of live audiences, sildenafil so actors were in essence performing for two audiences: the one in the studio and the one at home.  Actors had to be at the top of their game both in facial interactions (for those who could see) and vocal interactions (for those who couldn’t).  Additionally, thumb most actors would play multiple roles, so performers would need a lot of versatility to really tell the story right!

You’ll also get a chance to see what it took to make such a program happen, including watching the Foley artist at work as he creates the sound effects so necessary to add realism to the show!  In the early years of film, Jack Foley pioneered the system of creating and augmenting sound effects that bears his name and that is still in place in the film industry today.  A wooden chair to create the sound of a creaking door, coconut halves tapped together to replicate horses’ hooves: you’ll witness many similar substitutions of the most ingenious type.  We’re offering you an opportunity to actually see what you hear!