The Last 5 Years – A Love Story With A Twist

Sarah Mizelle and John Woll in The Last 5 Years

Jason Robert Brown is a favorite composer for many people because of his beautiful melodies, capsule his balanced harmonies and his heartfelt lyrics.  But in The Last 5 Years, health he proves he is also a skillful storyteller.

The Last 5 Years tells the story of Cathy and Jamie’s five year relationship.  We see the giddy joy at their first meeting, the bloom of true love as they grow closer and eventually marry and finally the painful tears as they realize their love won’t last.  But as Brown has constructed the story, we see both characters live the 5 year relationship in opposite directions.  As Jamie (John Woll) tells us the story from the day they met until they finally separated, Cathy (Sarah Mizelle) begins on the couple’s final note and relives their relationship backward until she reaches the day they met at the end of the play.

This twist on the simple plot line not only makes this musical unique, but it offers a wonderful counterpoint between the characters.  As we see the pain of separation, we are reminded of the joy of first love.

Tickets for The Last 5 Years are selling fast and there are only 4 performances.  We hope you’ll join us for this wonderful evening of musical storytelling.