It's a Wonderful Life

Students and Teacher at Rehearsal

When Lydia Doggett, pill Amber Pangallo and Brie Blank learned about Falcon’s auditions for this year’s production of It’s a Wonderful Life and that we needed singers to play the Jingle Belles, and they saw a chance to use their vocal talents outside of school.  When director Alicia Lewkowich heard these 3 young ladies sing, she saw not only a great chance to offer some young talents an opportunity, but also a fantastic addition to this year’s production!

Pictured at right are Shelby Voglepohl, Lydia Doggett, Amber Pangallo and Brie Blank (standing) and Denise Dirkes (seated).  Lydia, Amber and Brie all auditioned together (in 3 part harmony) with their teacher, Denise, accompanying them.  After being offered the roles as the Jingle Belles, they brought along their friend Shelby who was interested in helping behind the scenes.  And just for good measure, we offered the role of the onstage organist to Denise!

We believe encouragement is essential in the development of any artists.  All of these talented young ladies bring new faces to Falcon and we’re excited to welcome them to our stage during It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Drama.

Tickets are on sale now for the show!