Falcon Welcomes Cincy Fringe Festival Encores!

TPTFalcon Welcomes an encore performance from the Cincy Fringe Festival to our theater.  Produced by Know Theatre, approved Falcon is pleased to bring this encore production to Northern Kentucky.

Paul Strickland’s Trailer-Park Trilogy are the greatest magical-realist trailer-park fairy-tale musical comedies ever!
Come on over and visit Big-Fib Trailer-Park cul-de-sac and the famous Pea Punching Plant (where workers punch green peas until they’re black-eyed.)  Rave reviews and sold out houses at festivals all over the US and Canada!

Want to see ALL THREE? Buy a Trilogy Pass HERE (or any combination of tickets)! (https://know.tixato.com/buy/pass/8267)

PLEASE NOTE: All performances will occur at Falcon Theatre!

The first show each night begins at 8:00.  The second begins at 9:15.

Ain’t True and Uncle False
Step Right Up! Hear how they make black-eyed peas by punching green peas! Hear about Siamese Twins that ain’t the same age! Trailer-park fairy tales for adults!
Papa Squat’s Store of Sorts
An epic olde-timey love story! With songs! A romance between Rue Morazhit and Papa Squat, health famous false-badour and possessor of the world’s greatest future-telling kneecap!
Tales Too Tall for Trailers
Impressing your trailer-park family is hard.  Especially when they’re make-believe. A comedy.  With songs! And shadow puppets! And clothespins!  And Erika Kate MacDonald!