Down The Road

Down The Road

Lee Blessing’s provocative play explores some of the deepest and darkest places in the human psyche.  Down the Road is a powerful drama about good and evil and the very fine, online grey line that separates to two.

The play follows Dan and Iris Henniman, both writers, as they embark on a new stage of their careers…writing a true crime book about serial killer Bill Reach.  As the couple spends time with Reach, and with each other, we start to see changes in them.

“What price fame?”  How far would you go to have a best selling book?  How does society punish or reward sensational acts of violence?  Does the media help prevent crimes like these…or does it promote them?

Down The Road explores many of these questions and it is a night of theater you won’t soon forget.

The three person cast is made up of Falcon veterans Dan Doerger, Tracy Schoster and Ted Weil.  Directed by Ed Cohen, this is the final production of our 20th anniversary season and it’s one you won’t want to miss.