The Other Place program

Production Program

Written by Starr White

Directed by Piper N. Davis

Produced with permission from Broadway Licensing

From The Producing Artistic Director

The past several years have been a blur of changes, adaptations and challenges for all arts organizations but as we look toward our 2023-24 season, it feels like all our energies can once again be turned toward doing what we do best…producing great live theater.  This season includes some fantastic shows that will challenge us as artists and, we believe, engage our audiences in new and exciting ways.

We rarely have “themed seasons” at Falcon and that wasn’t an initial goal for this coming year, but as I look at the titles we’ve chosen, a theme keeps cropping up…one that is incredibly timely and important:  Identity.  All our shows explore the concept of identity…from what it actually means to be human to the ways gender roles have changed to an individual’s inner search for their true self.

We all go through crises of identity and we all have our own views on identity challenged at times in our lives.  Look at the news on any given day and you will find story after story about the triumph or devastating disappointment associated with an individual or identity group.  Given the landscape we find ourselves in, these plays (some brand new and some well established) have never been more relevant or more important.

As a theatre company, we believe that the arts have an essential purpose in society and that is to challenge people to think…to question…to open themselves into the worlds of others.  We hope you enjoy every minute you spend at Falcon Theatre and that those minutes lead to hours of later conversation and exploration.  Welcome to our 2023-24 season: The season of Identity.

Ted Weil
Producing Artistic Director


Julianna — Elizabeth Durham
Ian — David Levy
The Woman — Anna Hazard
The Man — Ben Dudley


Production Stage Manager — Katie Ruwe
Scenic Design — Ted Weil
Lighting Design — Ted Weil
Sound Design — Piper N. Davis, Ted Weil
Costume Design — Rachel Scardina
Props Design — Ted Weil
Lighting & Sound Execution — Katie Ruwe
Intimacy Coach — Erin Carr
Set Construction — Ted Weil
Graphic Design — Nikole Friend
Lobby Display — Ted Weil
Dramaturg — Julie Carpenter
Marketing — Kara Ann Scullin
House Staff Coordination — Clint Ibele
Photography — Claudia Herschner
Box Office — Kathleen Luhn, Clint Ibele

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Cast Biographies

Ben Dudley (The Man): Ben Dudley is grateful for the opportunity to work with the Falcon Theatre for the first time. His previous acting credits include the Know Theatre shows Bankers (2023), Puffs (2019), and All Childish Things (2015), as well as several Fringe Festival productions. His writing credits include The Opinions of Men: A Stupid History of the Protestant Reformation (2020), Home (2017), and Occupational Pleasures (2015). He earned his master’s in creative writing from the University of Cincinnati and works as an editor of books and articles.

Elizabeth Durham (Julianna): This is Elizabeth’s first show with Falcon Theatre and also in Northern Kentucky. Favorite roles include Sonya in Uncle Vanya, Gertrude in Hamlet, Emma in Betrayal, Emily Brontë in Brontë, Lavinia in Titus Andronicus, Hecuba in The Trojan Women, Mae in the feature film Mae Waits, and Alyssa “with a Y” in University of Louisville’s Online Freshman Orientation Modules. Performance highlights include performing at Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall. She’d like to thank the brilliantly beautiful and beautifully brilliant Piper Davis for her trust. She’d also like to thank Carole, Laura, and especially Sheri for their generous help in researching this role. Finally, Elizabeth would like to dedicate this work to her past and her future: to her mama and her daughter

Anna Hazard (The Woman): Anna is delighted to return to the Falcon stage for this beautiful show. Anna was most recently seen as Susan in Wait Until Dark (Cincinnati Landmark Productions), Rebecca in Book of Will (Mariemont Players), Annelle in Steel Magnolias (Mariemont Players), Viola in Twelfth Night (Loveland Stage Company), and as an audience plant and understudy for Every Brilliant Thing (Falcon). Catch her next in Bloody Mary at Fringe! Anna is so glad to be in a partnership where things can be good even when they aren’t, and to have parents who support her no matter how many times her characters say fuck. Love to D’Waughn, Mom and Dad.

David Levy (Ian): David’s last production (“Daisy”) was also for Falcon Theatre but was filmed as a movie and released during lockdown. He is grateful for this chance to literally “walk the boards” again. When he is not telling stories on stage, David spends an inordinate amount of his time helping others to share their stories on the stage as part of Cincinnati’s longest-running storytelling event, True Theatre (“true stories told by real people”), which he co-founded in 2010. Husband to Jennifer, father to Tyson, software developer for Kroger, what time he has left is spent largely doing CrossFit or thinking about CrossFit. Do you want to try CrossFit? David recommends it! DO CROSSFIT!

Production Team Biographies

Piper N. Davis (Director): Piper is humbled to share this experience with this cast! She is an Emmy Award-winning actress, director, cultural director and singer who has performed and toured productions throughout the United States. She has had several stage and screen roles and loves doing voice-over work. Some of her directorial and performance credits include UNMASKED, Flyin’ West, Origin StorySchool Girls: Or, The African Mean Girls; Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner; Ben ButlerTo Be Black; The Snowy Day and Other Stories by Ezra Jack KeatsKill Move ParadiseHarry and the ThiefBareCaroline, or Change; In the Blood and Open the Sky. Piper is the Diversity and Inclusion Director for Falcon Theater, on the WCPO 9 Community Advisory Board, a member of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra’s Multicultural Awareness Council (MAC) and works at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park. She is proud to be from Cincinnati, where she can both work and play in the city’s vibrant arts scene, surrounded by artists, storytellers and makers of all kinds. Piper is grateful to God for her gifts, and she sends much love to Lydia J. Davis (Mommie), her family, friends, and her doggy, Izzy (Grizabella).  She would like to dedicate this production, in loving memory, to her cousin Paul Dennis, Jr.

Katie Ruwe (Stage Manager): Katie is pleased to be joining this production of The Other Place. Born and raised in Cincinnati and a graduate of NKU, she has worked throughout the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region. At Falcon Theatre, she has also managed Breaking The Code, Vincent, Lifespan of a Fact, Silent Sky, Ben Butler, The Agitators, and Yankee Tavern. She has also stage managed with Queen City Opera on productions of Cenerentotla, Iolanta, Der Freischütz, Die Valkyrie, and the world premiere of Tchaikovsky’s Undina Eco-Opera. She has also managed Spinning Into Butter with American Legacy Theater, 100 Days with the KNOW Theater of Cincinnati, Steel Magnolias with The Story Collective, as well as several Fringe Festival shows with many different and wonderful creative minds. She would like to thank her partner for his outstanding support and the staff at Falcon for their continued trust in her. She sincerely hopes you enjoy this show as much as she has enjoyed working on it!

Share White (Playwright): Sharr White’s plays include Six Years (30th Anniversary Humana Festival of New American Plays at Actors Theatre of Louisville); The Dream Canvas (downtown New York at Todo Con Nada); The Last Orange Dying(off-Broadway at the Ohio); Safe from the Future (off-Broadway at Raw Space); Heaven and All Things Lovely (far above Broadway in the Mariott Marquis, room 3806); Iris Fields (Lincoln Center Theatre Directors Lab, Key West Theatre Festival); Satellites of the Sun (finalist, Princess Grace Award); The Escape Velocity of Savages (Dr. Henry and Lillian Nesburn Award as part of the Julie Harris Award in Playwriting); and Achilles in Sparta (a play for young performers at Denver Center Academy). Mr. White is a member of the Ensemble Studio Theatre’s Playwrighting Unit in New York, and a company member of Apartment A Productions in Los Angeles. He is a recipient of a 2006 New York Foundation for the Arts fellowship.

Falcon Theatre Management Board

Piper N. Davis – Diversity & Inclusion Director
Clint Ibele – Falcon Takes Flight Director, Volunteer Coordinator
Tom Lawry – Management/Operations Consultant
Ted J. Weil – Producing Artistic Director


Doug & Carol Burks

Ron & Claudia Cropper
David Derringer
Sophia McAllister
Terry Miller & Dale Hayes

Judy & Lou Belli
Greg Schaper
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Michael & Susan Whitehead

Robert Arlinghaus & Christina Kelley
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Joseph Collier
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Toni Alterman
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Joshua Carson
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Cecilia Callahan
Joshua Carson
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