Monstermania 2023 program

Production Program

Written by Barrett Lindsay-Steiner
With additional music by Sherry McCamley & Chuck Kleesattel
Directed by Gina Kleesattlel
Music Direction by Sherry McCamley

CAST (in order of appearance)

Maggie (Witch) — Angela Nalley
Lawanda (Witch) — Tori Pate
Glinda (Good Witch) — Leslie Taylor
Ken — Jazz McMullen
Barbie — Megan Magistrelli
Red — Talibah Ashe
Granny — Leanne Greenberg
Jack — Dylan VanCamp
Frankie — Zak Kelly


Sherry McCamley (Keyboard)
Chuck Kleesattel (Bass)

Chuck Riehle (Drums)


Stage Manager — Josh Neumeyer
Scenic Design — Gina Kleesattel
Lighting Design — Ted Weil
Costume Design — Gina Kleesattel
Props Design — Josh Neumeyer & Gina Kleesattel
Sound Design — Sherry McCamley
Lighting & Sound Execution — Josh Neumeyer
Set Decor — Josh Neumeyer & Gina Kleesatel
Graphic Design — Steve Luhn
Marketing — Kara Ann Scullin, Lisa DeRoberts
House Staff Coordination — Clint Ibele
Photography — Claudia Herschner
Box Office — Kathleen Luhn

Special Thanks:

Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati
Cincinnati State Interpreter Training Program
Kathy Magistrelli

Falcon thanks these organizations for their support:

Falcon Theatre Management Board

Piper N. Davis – Diversity & Inclusion Director
Clint Ibele – Falcon Takes Flight Director, Volunteer Coordinator
Tom Lawry – Management/Operations Consultant
Ted J. Weil – Producing Artistic Director


Doug & Carol Burks

Dale Hayes & Terry Miller

David Derringer
Greg Schaper
Ted Weil
Michael & Susan Whitehead

Robert Arlinghaus & Christina Kelley
Robert & Patricia Clary
Rob Morgan & Steve Bolia
Clint Ibele
Lynn Krabacher

Sandra Grinkmeyer & Ernie Franz
Patricia Hoffmann

Charita Brewer

Gail Ginther

Susan Tyler

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