by Sean Devine

Directed by Tara Williams
October 30 – November 7, 2020
(Online Video Streaming Production)

Based on true events, Daisy explores the moment in television history that launched the age of negative advertising, and forever changed how we elect our leaders. War was the objective. Peace was the bait. Everyone got duped.

NOTE ON TICKETS: Because Daisy will be streamed to our audience on demand (meaning you can watch the production at any time you wish) tickets will not be available to purchase until the video is published for viewing on October 30th. We can’t wait to share this amazing show with you so please bear with us until the video is online. You’ll be able to watch the show immediately once you purchase a ticket so you’ll have instant gratification!

Cast/Crew List:

  • CAST:
    • Lisa D. Dirkes – Louise Brown
    • David Levy – Tony Schwartz
    • Bill Keeton – Bill Bernbach
    • Jay Dallas Benson – Sid Myers
    • Terry Gosdin – Aaron Ehrlich
    • R. DeAndre Smith – Clifford Lewis
  • CREW
    • Tara Williams – Director
    • Burgess Byrd – Assistant Director
    • Amy Enzweiler – Stage Manager
    • Anna Catton – Set/Production Designer
    • Alex Bowling – Decor/Props Production Coordinator
    • Beth Joos – Costume Designer
    • Video Production – NKU College of Informatics
    • Tracy M. Schoster & the Bywater Estate
    • Close The Loop, Inc
    • Josh Steele & Memorial Hall
    • Shannon Rae Lutz & Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati
    • Veronica Bishop & Cincinnati Playhouse In The Park
    • Randy Ashley
    • Zach Riggins
    • Sean Devine