Directed by: Charles Russell
Music Direction by: Jay P Myers
Choreography by: Autumn Herron

June 15 & 16, cialis 40mg 7:00 PM (Call-backs June 17)
Monmouth Theatre
636 Monmouth Street, Newport

Performance dates: October 22 – November 6, 2010

Evil Dead is a campy rock-musical based on the cult classic Evil Dead/Army of Darkness movies.  The music rocks, the stage blood flows freely and the chainsaws never run out of gas!  Evil Dead played to sold out crowds and many extended runs in New York and now Falcon Theatre brings it here for its area premiere production!

Please bring 16 bars of a rock or up tempo song and be prepared to do cold readings from the script.
No appointments are necessary.

Cast Roles/ Male:
Ash – The Hero

(The cocky attitude is more important than looking like Bruce Cambell… But that doesn’t hurt either)

Scott – The Horny Best Friend, who turns into a demon

Jake – The Fat Redneck, who turns into a demon

Ed – The Boyfriend, who turns into a “bit-part” Demon

Moose – The Moose, who is a demon

Cast Roles Female:
Cheryl – The Sister, who turns into a demon

Shelly – The Slut, who turns into a demon

Linda – The Girlfriend, who turns into a demon

Annie – The Daughter, who dies

Listen to some song samples at Amazon through the link below:

Please use the Contact Us page to submit questions to the production staff if you have any.