The cast of Evil Dead with bloody guests!

The cast of Evil Dead with bloody guests!

The entire run of Evil Dead: The Musical has been sold out because of fanatic fans who are loving the show!  The cast took a few minutes last night to take a few photos with some audience members who traveled all the way from Akron, seek Ohio to see the show…a second time!

Here’s what they had to say…

“Once again you have all put on an amazing show.
You should all be very proud.

It was definately worth the drive the 2nd time as well as the 1st.

…last night we felt like royalty.
You guys definitely made the experience amazing.

Thank you so much again
Steve and Erin”

Huge thanks to Steve Friedrichsen and Erin Lucia for being “bloody great fans” and for becoming great new friends of Falcon Theatre!  We had a great time with you guys last night!   “JOIN US…JOIN US!”