Beyond Therapy

Beyond Therapy

And in the beginning there was….Christopher Durang.  Durang’s offbeat comedy about two people trying to connect through personal ads…and in spite of their therapists…was Falcon’s premiere performance, thumb back in the fall of 1989.  Set in the 1970s and performed at the Westwood Town Hall, treat Falcon’s first performance space, the show featured veteran theater performers Dennis Murphy, Kathleen Labanz, Tom Durkin, and David Radtke, and newcomers Holly Clevenger and Chris Quitter.  For our revival, five of the original six cast members will reprise their roles in this hilarious look at the quest for love…and ensuing need for counseling.

This absurdist comedy helped define Falcon as a theater that takes risks, challenges our audiences and our actors and often brings premiere performances to the Greater Cincinnati area.  We are especially fortunate to be able to re-imagine this play with almost the entire original cast.


Director:  Ted J. Weil

Dennis Murphy
Holly Sauerbrunn
David L. Radtke
Kathleen Labanz
David Levy
Thurman Allen

Performance Dates:  February 19, 20, 26, 27, March 5, 6, 2010

NOTE:  This production contains some explicit language.

More information about Beyond Therapy:

Christopher Durang describes Beyond Therapy as “the friendliest, sunniest play I’ve written” (Christopher Durang: Complete Full Length Plays 1975-1995).  Durang wrote the play in the late 1970s to fulfill a playwriting commission from the Phoenix Theater, where Beyond Therapy would have its off-Broadway debut in 1981.  Bruce and Prudence were originally played by Stephen Collins (later to be Rev. Eric Camden on TV’s 7th Heaven) and Sigourney Weaver (famed alien hunter and Ghostbuster girlfriend, but also a classmate of Durang’s at the Yale School of Drama).  When the play moved to Broadway in 1982, the role of Prudence was played by Dianne Wiest and Bruce was played by John Lithgow…who would later go on to co-star in the film Footloose. Hmmm…..Sigourney Weaver was on the run from aliens in three movies, and John Lithgow played an alien in 3rd Rock from the Sun…..what does it all mean? (Incidentally, the role of Andrew the waiter was played on Broadway by David Pierce….we know him better as David Hyde Pierce, of Frasier.)

Here’s how Durang described Beyond Therapy in the book Christopher Durang Explains It All for You: “When I wrote this play, my friends were all turning thirty.  Most of them were seeing psychiatrists, they all talked about relationships (me too, me too), and they all worried about not being married yet.  So the play is about ‘relationships,’ and also how psychology and psychobabble hinder and help us.”

The play had a short run on Broadway, but became much more successful on the regional theater circuit, so much so that Durang calls it “in terms of stock and amateur rights, my most performed and most financially successful play” (Christopher Durang: Complete Full Length Plays 1975-1995).