by Tennessee Williams

Directed by Nate Netzley

March 16, 17, 22, 23, 24, 29, 30, 31, 2018

Blanche DuBois, a woman whose existence has been undermined by a lifetime of romantic illusions, arrives at her sister’s New Orleans apartment, seeking to stay for a while after the loss of their family’s ancestral home. Ensuing friction between Blanche and Stanley Kowalski, her sister Stella’s husband, leads to a tragic, inevitable conclusion. 


Blanche DuBois – Tara Williams
Stanley Kowalski – Phineas Clark
Stella Kowalski – Ellie Margolis
Harold “Mitch” Mitchell – Charlie Roetting
Eunice Hubbell – Torie Pate
Steve Hubbell – Derek Snow
Pablo Gonzales – Ray Dzhorgov
Woman/Flower Peddler/Nurse – Natasha Boeckmann
Doctor – Terry Gosdin
Young Collector – Tanner McDole




“Tara Williams’ tour de force as Blanche is the highlight of Falcon Theatre’s A Streetcar Named Desire. The other actors are strong, especially Ellie Margolis as sister Stella. But Blanche is the play’s most complex character, and Williams takes every advantage of that.” – League of Cincinnati Theatres

“Overall, this Streetcar stays on track, stops only to pick up passengers, and runs swiftly to its tragic conclusion.  The show runs two hours and thirty-five minutes, but feels much shorter because of the tightness of the pacing.” – League of Cincinnati Theatres

“Stella, played by Ellie Margolis, is strong in this role, and likable as well. She has great chemistry with Stanley, played by Phineas Clark. Together, they make this drama exciting while simultaneously creating the glue for what ultimately is a tumultuous relationship.” – Artswave Guide