by Theresa Rebeck

Directed by Lauren Carr

November 17, 18, 24, 25, 30, December 1, 2, 2017
There is no performance on Thanksgiving

A weekend in the country for two couples spins out of control when Maureen makes jealous and reckless accusations of infidelity between her husband Ian and their old friend Ella. As Ella’s husband Peter makes a futile attempt to control the domestic carnage, the story develops into a fiercely funny and farcical commentary on the unexpected ease of betrayal and the fragility of marriage. 

Ian – Phineas Clark
Ella – Becca Howell
Peter – Derek Snow
Maureen – Torie Pate




“for a fun pre-holiday night out on the town, this is sure to be a satisfying choice for many couples.” – The Sappy Critic

“This is an ensemble performance and director Lauren Carr assembled a strong stable of actors for this production.” – League of Cincinnati Theatres

“I need to say that these characters are not people I would want to spend a weekend with. I fault the playwright for giving no redeeming qualities to any of them. But I had a Peeping Tom sense of fascination watching them self-destruct. That I wanted to keep watching had everything to do with the actors.” – League of Cincinnati Theatres