by Martin McDonagh

Directed by Ed Cohen

January 26, 27, February 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 2018

In an unnamed totalitarian state, a writer whose macabre fairy tales are eerily similar to a series of child murders is interrogated by government officials. The unsettling and thoroughly startling story that follows is an unblinking examination of the power, nature, and purpose of art.

ADVISORY:  This play contains graphically violent content.

Katurian – Rory Sheridan
Michal – Michael Monks
Tupolski – Joe Hornbaker
Ariel – Nathan Tubbs




“McDonagh’s examination of love and guilt and vengeance and redemption along with his poetic gift of story telling make this one a sure-fire winner. Get your tickets before they sell out.” –  The Sappy Critic

“Rory Sheridan’s Katurian really shines when he is interacting with his brother Michal. There is a real chemistry seeing the two brothers discuss their situation and it was delightful to watch.” – League of Cincinnati Theatres

“The acting is mesmerizing in Falcon Theatre’s current production of The Pillowman. Bravo, because in less-skilled hands this dark, gruesome play would be even more difficult to watch.” – League of Cincinnati Theatres