Announcing open auditions for Dial M For Murder!

July 12 & 13 – 6:00 pm-8:00 pm
No appointments needed.
Prepare a 1-2 minute dramatic monologue (required).

Auditions will be held at Falcon Theatre, treatment 636 Monmouth Street, buy Newport, discount KY

Callbacks will be July 18, 7:00 pm-9:00 PM
Actors called back will be contacted directly following open auditions on the 13th.  Sides will be provided for callbacks as needed.

Audition Questions:  Send email to

Production Dates:  November 4-19, 2016

Character Descriptions:

Tony: M. late 20s/30s. British. A former tennis player, Tony is currently planning an elaborate plan to have his wife murdered. He is a true gentleman, and is NEVER shaken or perturbed. Very good at thinking on his feet, he is cold and calculating, while giving off the demeanor of warmth and friendliness.

Max: M. late 20s/30s. American. An crime writer for television, he is having an affair with Margot and truly loves her. While he is a gentleman, he can be fiery and speak his mind if the situation requires it. A genuine good guy.

Margot: F. Mid 20s/early 30s. British. An heiress, and the wife of Tony. While she conforms to the societal standards of the 50s, she has been having an affair with Max. Fun loving and trusting, but can be a bit sarcastic and overbearing if the situation calls for it. Fight choreography required.

Hubbard: M. 30s/40s. British. The Chief Inspector, Hubbard is immediately able to tell that not everything is as it seems with the case. He is calm and professional, a true British gentleman. Excited by the idea of solving a case.

Lesgate: M. late 20s/30s. British. A former classmate of Tony’s at Cambridge. He has gone from educated student to petty criminal, mostly focusing in conning older women out of their money. While he believes he is a good criminal, he is easily able to be blackmailed. Nervous & jittery, unsuccessfully attempts to be suave and debonair. Fight choreography required.