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Evil Dead: The Musical!

Evil Dead: The Musical

Evil Dead: The Musical

We kick off the season in October with the area premiere of Evil Dead: The Musical!  Zombies, blood and rock music all come together in one fantastically fun cult-classic of an evening.  The Evil Dead movies have been a cult favorite for years and now they’re all set to music in this musical romp through the world of the undead.  If Poseidon: The Musical and The Rocky Horror Show got together and had a love child…this show would be it!

NOTE:  This show contains mature language and sexual innuendo (just the way you’d want it)!

Directed by: Charles Russell
Music Direction by: Jay P Myers
Choreography by: Autumn Herron

Performance dates: October 22, 23, 28, 29, 30, 31, November 5, 6, 2010.
All performances at 8:00 PM.

And now an added performance on Thursday, November 4th!

See The Photos!

Evil Dead is a campy rock-musical based on the cult classic Evil Dead/Army of Darkness movies.  The music rocks, the stage blood flows freely and the chainsaws never run out of gas!  Evil Dead played to sold out crowds and many extended runs in New York and now Falcon Theatre brings it here for its area premiere production!

Ash and his Boomstick

Ash and his Boomstick

Ash – Nate Moster
Scott – Sean Mize
Ed – Jeff Surber
Jake/Moose – Bryan Franke
Cheryl – Rebecca Weisman
Linda – Hannah Balash
Shelly – Jodi Dunavan
Annie – Michelle Grove

Listen to some song samples at Amazon through the link below:


Demon Cheryl in the cellar

Demon Cheryl in the cellar

Please use the Contact Us page to submit questions to the production staff if you have any.