We opened last season with Zombies, more about chainsaws and LOTS of blood….so how do we follow that?  Easy!  We produce the area premiere of Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical!  This hysterical send up of the adult film genre follows the plot of the classic 70’s film (yes, view there was a plot) and sets it to music.  Falcon has made a tradition of bringing you the most outrageous, thumb fun-filled musicals we can find and this season is no exception!

Just like our extended run of Evil Dead last season, this one is sure to sell out fast so get your tickets early!

Directed by Dan Doerger

Lauren Bailey
Michelle Grove Shaffer
Pam Blessing
Katie Henn
Jennifer Drake
Greg Shaffer
Jeff Surber
Ron Burrage

Performance Dates:  October 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22, 2011

Contains Adult Subject Matter