Fully Committed

Fully Committed

Our Fourth Wall series of productions continues in March with Fully Committed, and a play by Becky Mode that follows the comical day to day life of  Sam…an out of work actor trying to make ends meet by working at the reservation desk of an up-scale restaurant.  Between the eccentric characters who all call in for reservations, thumb the restaurant staff, salve his own father who wants him to get a real job, and an actor friend who keeps calling to tell him about the jobs he’s gotten, Sam’s day is filled with hysterical frustration.  And did we mention that all these characters are played by just one actor?!?  It’s a tour-de-force for one comedic actor that will delight audiences!

Directed by Dan Doerger

Performed by Donnie McGovern

Performance Dates:  March 25, 26, April 1 & 2, 2011

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