2010-2011 Season

For the first time in our history, pill Falcon will be presenting a 6 show season!  Our 2010-2011 season truly has something for everyone and we’re so excited that we’ve been able to expand our season by one more production so we can offer even more to our wonderful audiences who have made all this possible.

We kick off the season in October with the area premiere of Evil Dead: The Musical!  Zombies, blood and rock music all come together in one fantastically fun cult-classic of an evening.  The Evil Dead movies have been a cult favorite for years and now they’re all set to music in this musical romp through the world of the undead.  If Poseidon: The Musical and The Rocky Horror Show got together and had a love child…this show would be it!

During the holidays we return one again to Bedford Falls for our annual tradition of It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Drama.  For the past 2 seasons, we have presented this delightfully nostalgic play as the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit.  Come back to WFAL Radio again this year and join your favorite radio personalities (some new and some returning) as we present Frank Capra’s classic story through the magic of 1940’s era radio.

In February we continue our semi-annual classical series with Bernard Pomerance’s play The Elephant Man.  Based on the true story of David Merrick, a man so deformed that medical science still has not clearly identifies all his maladies, The Elephant Man takes us into Merrick’s world.  From his horrible beginnings as a side-show freak to his discovery by a doctor who made Merrick his life’s work, Merrick’s journey is an uplifting story about the human spirit and how it is often found in the most unlikely of places.

Our Fourth Wall series of productions continues in March with Fully Committed, a play by Becky Mode that follows the comical day to day life of  Sam…an out of work actor trying to make ends meet by working at the reservation desk of an up-scale restaurant.  Between the eccentric characters who all call in for reservations, the restaurant staff, his own father who wants him to get a real job, and an actor friend who keeps calling to tell him about the jobs he’s gotten, Sam’s day is filled with hysterical frustration.  And did we mention that all these characters are played by just one actor?!?  It’s a tour-de-force for one comedic actor that will delight audiences!

In May we round out the regular season with Flags, a play by Jane Martin, that follows a typical American family who loses a son in Iraq.  As we reach the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, Falcon presents Flags as a tribute to all those who’ve given their lives in defense of our freedom.  Flags is not your traditional remembrance play, however, it is a though-provoking story about the different forms that freedom can take.  The play explores the ways in which the media color our perception of events and how events, large and small, can easily pull the focus of a nation away from the war and the brave soldiers who are fighting it.

Finally we offer a second production in our Fourth Wall series by bringing you the beautiful musical story, The Last Five Years.  The play traces the 5 year relationship of two people who meet, fall in love, get married and finally split apart.  At times touching and beautiful; at others entertaining and even funny, their relationship is told from both individual perspectives.  As one of them relives the relationship from beginning to end, the other remembers it backwards from the ending to the beginning.  Falcon is excited to present this second musical production as the cap to our 2010-2011 season.

So there you have it…an amazing season of theatre!  We hope you’ll join us for each and every production in 2010-2011.  We’re incredibly excited about the plays we have in store for you this year and we can’t wait to see you at Falcon!